Astonville Anglicans welcome anyone looking for a place to have their child baptized.

If you are an adult seeking a deeper connection with God, you are welcome! 

Who can be baptised?

Anyone who wants to be baptised can be baptised.   

What is the process of baptism at st bartholomew’s anglican church?

1)    Please fill in the application form - even if you jus’ wanna have a yarn about baptism.

2)    The parish priest will meet with you. Please arrange an appointment through the parish office.  

Name of baptismal candidate *
Name of baptismal candidate
The baptism registration requires this info - if the father is not known write 'unknown'.
The Physical Address is required for our registers.
At least one godparent is required, but you may have as many as you like.
Proposed Date of Baptism (Option 1)
Proposed Date of Baptism (Option 2)
Proposed Date of Baptism (Option 3)