Contemplative Church Thursdays 6pm

Contemplation is like meditation. This service nurtures transformation through gentle silence, simple chants and meaningful ritual.

What can I expect?

In rediscovering the Wisdom tradition at the heart of mystical Christianity, the Contemplative Church Service @ 6pm every Thursday nurtures transformation through gentle silence, mindfulness, music and ritual.

How long is a Contemplative service?

In total, a Contemplative Church service is about 60 minutes in length. Don’t panic about the silence! We usually start the service with a welcoming ritual. There is an opening prayer and a simple chant is sung or listened to. A trained spiritual director will offer a 3 minute reflection on spirituality and the wisdom tradition. In the silence there is time to listen to music. An experienced guide will take you into a time of silence of about 20 minutes. People usually leave the service in silence.

Is the Contemplative Church service the same every week?

There is silence every week, but each week has a different focus.

  • Week 1 - Contemplative Eucharist

  • Week 2 - Taize

  • Week 3 - Contemplative Healing

  • Week 4 - Sound Healing

  • Week 5 - Meditation followed by a vegetarian meal

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