Experience for my vocation

A young boy’s self talk was impressive. Every time he prepared to throw the ball in the air, he recited his mantra – “The greatest baseball player in the world.” A light toss of the ball, a hearty swing with the bat, only to miss completely. He repeated this process a few times, each time exclaiming, “The greatest baseball player in the world.” After several attempts at hitting the ball without success he stared down at the ball on the ground. He pondered carefully, bent to the ground and retrieved the ball and looked at in wonder and exclaimed, “The greatest pitcher in the world.”

 What have you learnt from experience? Experience is a process of elimination! We quickly discover what isn’t our fit, what isn’t our shape. Just because mum, dad, or brother were good at sewing, drawing, cricket, doesn’t mean we will be! Yet parents, schools, friends, invite us to make the attempt. And that is learning. That is experience. But I hope we are also learning from what came easily, what gave us delight, what we kept going back to and becoming absorbed in. Our positive and negative experiences, our successes and failures, are clues to our SHAPE. From childhood, family, education, work, opportunities, trial and error, we start to determine what our natural gifts, talents, preferences, dispositions, and aptitudes are.


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A personality for my vocation

One of the most fundamental questions in life is “who am I?” The Scriptures reflect some answers to this question: Isaiah says that God knows you, you are precious in God’s sight. The psalmist says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


In our church journey we are exploring vocation, that each of us has something beautiful to do for God. Vocation means God’s calling in our lives. Trevor Hudson says that “While call requires response and obedience, we will not be given a road map. We are given building blocks to see what can be done with them using for the task all our intelligence, creativity, sensitivity and love.” In the past three weeks we have reflected on how spiritual gifts, passion, and abilities our building blocks to our call. We have said that each of us is SHAPED by God to be part of the picture:


S – spiritual gifts.

H – heart.

A – abilities.

P – personality


Today we reflect on how our Personality as one such building block. We ask the question “who am I?” and how does my personality equip me for God’s call in my life?

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Abilities for your vocation

God shapes us to fit into the “jigsaw puzzle” of the Church by giving us spiritual gifts and planting passion in our hearts. The natural abilities we received at birth are linked to our spiritual gifts and tied to our passion. This makes each Christian a unique blessing to the Church and through the church to the world. If we develop our natural abilities, we are like Bezalel and Oholiab, who used their artistic skill to build a sanctuary for the Lord (Exodus 35:30 – 36:3).

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A heart for your vocation

We each have something beautiful to do for God. Our theme is as follows

S = Spiritual gifts;

H = Heart – where is your heart (passion)? 

A = Ability - what are you good at? 

P = Personality 

E  = Experience – what experiential knowledge do you have?

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